Soup #1: A Bowl of All the Things I Miss

I wrote this piece for Soup, an open project that aims to capture the diversity of the human experience through various forms of accessible media. It’s great because I can be really experiment with how I represent my own experiences and emotions through language. Check out some of the project’s other pieces here. As a writer I tried to capture a very specific emotion in this first piece, but I’m interested to know what stands out to you here, and what emotions you feel as a reader. Comments always help!

Soup #1


Sits before me the broth makes me miss home all over again I thought I was over that now there is salt dripping down my nose grandma should teach me how to make her seaweed soup I would be okay if only my dog was here but the soup is just getting saltier I’m taking down her number the pen in my hand is trembling-


Me when you have the chance my friends live in another universe I miss home and my dog and my friends hearing them laugh and cry about all the boys they can’t have reminds me of home and of everything I can’t have grandma speaks a different language salt drips down my cheeks pepper falls softly on wood floors-


He says when I open the door I hide the salt the pepper too in my dreams he notices and gives me a bowl of soup.

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